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5 Benefits of Building Automation in Nigeria

Building Automation is the automatic centralized control of a buildings air conditioning, lighting, security, ventilation, heating, and other systems through a building automation system (BAS). BAS controls and sensors provide access to information on equipment performance and utility metering, it also gives users the ability to easily schedule equipment and control it at a more advanced level.

The objectives of a building automation system is to ensure efficient operations of the building, reduction in energy cost and also operating cost over time. The use of Building Automaton in Nigeria is very little compared to countries like the United States and China, who has high acceptability for new and emerging technologies.

Having a Building Automation System has lots of benefits for the building and also the occupants of the building, some of those benefits are listed below;

  1. Improved Security: It provides you with a lot of access level control, such as restricting the use of an elevator or enforcing a lock down in the case of a breach. BAS allows you to keep track of activities with digital video surveillance, lighting control, heat and smoke detection and bio metric scans within and around your building which could help better see your security lapses and improve on them.
  2. Reduced Energy Cost: With the advent of the prepaid meter in Nigeria, the use of energy is directly charged to your account, this means there’s a need to manage energy use effectively, like putting off equipment’s that are not in use during the day and also at night. With the use of a building automation system, you can program/time when you want your HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air conditioning) devices to be put on/off which will immensely reduce the use of energy units.
  3. Total Control: The use of a Building Automation System gives you total control over your building from anywhere, at any time. The BAS allows you access to your building either on your computer or smartphone which means you can turn on and off devices with a click.
  4. Real Time Status Update: It allows you access to your building operations status in real time, you change check your devices status and usage without being on the premises. BAS helps reduce wear and tear in equipment as they are used more effectively.
  5. Increased Value: With the use of a building automation system, you not only improve the value of your business, but also the value of the property itself as buildings with building automation systems are more sort after in real estate.

For all your Building Automation System inquiries and installations in Nigeria & Ghana, Contact Trivest Technologies by forwarding a mail to contact@trivestgroup.com or call +2348022306494.

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