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5 Best Places To Install Your Home Security Cameras
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5 Best Places To Install Your Home Security Cameras

Home security cameras are essential gadgets you should consider for the safety of your home, properties, kids, and pets, especially when you aren’t always close by. Not only do home security cameras help you view live footage of events on your property, but they can also deter criminals who may intend to trespass or vandalize your property in your absence. To enjoy the full benefits, however, it’s not sufficient to have security cameras at home, it’s equally important that you place them at the right spots.

Have you bought (or are considering) buying CCTV cameras for your home and wondering what are the best locations to place them around your house? Let’s highlight some top 5 places around your home you should definitely consider installing your CCTV cameras.

Front Door

Your front door remains the primary access point for intruders and vandals who may attempt to force their way into your home. Therefore, you need to protect it with a functional CCTV camera. While keyhole cameras let you know who’s waiting at the door before you open it, opportunistic intruders may quickly obstruct a keyhole camera before attempting a break-in. Hence, a peephole camera does not simply suffice in protecting your front door.

Ensure that your front door security camera is out of reach, visible and directly facing visitors who approach your door, and can clearly record as they wait at the entrance. If you’re worried about extreme weather conditions or vandals who may attempt to cause physical damage to your outdoor CCTV cameras, consider mounting them high up or shielding them with a wire cage.

Back Doors and Side Doors

Since they are not as visible as front doors, side doors and back doors are also another exploitable spot for criminals who may attempt to break into your private space. Therefore, in addition to motion detectors and security lighting, you must install CCTV cameras at these spots for better protection against burglary and vandalism. Ensure that your security equipment is visible to visitors, and have a full view of the door area and, the area immediately outside the door.


As stated earlier, your backyard needs sophisticated security equipment – like motion detectors, security lighting, and security cameras. To deter miscreants who may want to break in through the backyard garden or scaling the fence, use wide-angle CCTV cameras for protecting your backyard’s main area. Don’t forget to secure entry points such as fence gates and other vulnerable spots around your fence.

Garage and Driveway

You’ve probably seen movies where assailants scale the fence and hide in the garage for a while before forcing their way into the main residence. This is not so far from reality. Sadly, most homeowners never really consider securing their garage, which makes it another vulnerable location. For your garage area or driveway, set up a camera inside the garage or directly facing the area for

Common Areas

In addition to the areas mentioned above, we also recommend that you set up security cameras in common areas around the house – such as the living room or kitchen. This helps to closely monitor and observe activities around gathering points in your absence. For example, you can keep an eye on the kids, the nanny, and your pets, or even cleaners and handymen.

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5 Best Places To Install Your Home Security Cameras
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5 Best Places To Install Your Home Security Cameras
Have you bought or are considering buying CCTV cameras for your home and wondering what are the best locations to place them?
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Trivest Technologies
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