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Beep VU – Wireless IP Camera

Beep VU is a wireless IP camera kit from Trivest Technologies, Nigeria’s leading security company. The kit provides you with easy installation and configuration, the cameras also come fitted with high definition lenses for crisp and clear images. The Beep VU has a memory size of 1 Terabyte for the storage of videos and images for a longer period of time. The cameras are motion activated and have night vision for clear images at night. Read more on Wireless IP Cameras. Call +2348022306494 or +2347015128199



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Using the 2.4 GHz wireless connection the Beep VU cameras connect directly to the NVR (Network Video Recorder) which provides storage of the videos and access to such videos for the user.

The Beep VU camera captures high definition videos up to a 1080P resolution, producing crisp and clear video playback that can help in identification and investigations in the case of an intrusion or theft.

The Beep VU camera video quality is in high definition, which requires higher storage size like the 1 terabyte hard drive coupled with the network video recorder. The NVR can archive videos up to a month before discarding them for more recent video recordings.

In order to save space and skip on non-critical recording times, the cameras are activated in response to motions in its surrounding environment, making it more efficient in recording time conservation. The Beep VU cameras can also be configured to notify the right person whenever it detects motion at odd times.

The night vision features allow the Beep VU cameras to produce the same quality of videos even at night or in dark areas.  The Beep VU camera is coupled with Infrared night vision led bulbs, that act like floodlights in the dark.

Because of the IP66 weatherproof feature of the Beep VU camera, you can install the cameras outside without shades or in places that are humid without the fear of the camera going bad.

Trivest Technologies is offering 365 days of warranty on every purchase of the Beep VU kit.


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