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Benefits Of A Turnstile Access Control System

As crime rates and safety threats escalate in Nigeria, there’s no better time to implement preventive and proactive security measures. As a property manager, security administrator, business owner, or landlord, you’re always saddled with the responsibility of securing your buildings and other facilities.

More importantly, you’re concerned with ensuring the safety of the occupants and properties. This is where access control comes to play. It’s important to deploy necessary security mechanisms to adequately manage who accesses your buildings, facilities, and properties. This is often the first and most important physical security measure.

To improve the physical security of your commercial and residential property, you should consider using turnstiles to control visitor and employee access. Here are some of the most important advantages of using a turnstile to secure your entry and exit points.

Managing Entry/Exit

One of the basic benefits of using turnstiles is to manage entry/access, especially in commercial facilities and public centres, such as sports clubs, warehouses, leisure parks, event halls, etc. When you deploy access control systems with entrance turnstiles, you’re able to efficiently and autonomously control who can enter your premises and when they can enter. This goes a long way to forestall vandalism, robbery, and trespassing.

Enhanced Security

If you already have a security guard manning your facility’s access points, a turnstile access control system is a plus. You can configure your turnstiles to only grant access to eligible entrants with required credentials, such as a key fob, access pass, or ID card. That means, the entrance remains locked until the entrants present the required credentials and are cleared for entry. This is especially important if you’re in charge of a high-risk business – such as server farms, data centres, construction sites, government headquarters, and military facilities – dealing with volumes of sensitive data, fragile assets, and other classified resources.

Barrier and Visual Deterrent

As stated earlier, when you install turnstiles (especially the full-height turnstiles) to secure your entry points, you’re actively discouraging potential attackers, would-be trespassers, and other future threats. Similar to having a guard dog on site, turnstiles serve as a blockade that not only keeps unauthorized visitors out but also discourages them from making any harmful move at all.

Attendance Monitoring

You can also use turnstiles to autonomously count admissions into and out of a facility. If you own/manage facilities like sports centers, amusement parks, cinemas, shopping malls, and large warehouses, you’ll find turnstiles useful. You can configure your turnstile access control systems with counters to monitor and analyze how many people are in your facility, when they leave, and how long they stay in your premises. In the long run, you can understand traffic trends and peak times around your facility.

Payment Enforcement

You can also use turnstiles to enforce payment at facilities where entrants are only granted access when they present tickets or other valid tokens. If you run/own cinemas, sports venues, amusement parks, recreational centers, or public transportation terminals, you will benefit from a turnstile access control system with scanners that automatically unlocks and grants admission to entrants with valid tokens.

The benefits of turnstile access control systems do not end with the aforementioned points. Turnstiles also maximize throughput and efficiency while reducing response time and the need for redundant employees. 

For your building access control systems installations in Nigeria, contact Trivest Technologies on +234-802-230-6494 or forward a mail to contact@trivest-group.com. Trivest Technologies is a building access control system installation company in Nigeria.

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