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What Is the Best Visitor Management System For Schools
Automated Visitor Management System

What Is the Best Visitor Management System For Schools?

The highest form of security that most schools put in place is having a gateman that doubles as a security man to open and close the gate for vehicles, and that’s even if the school is fenced and has a gate. In addition to this, some schools go ahead to record the names of visitors, time of entry, and time of exit in a notepad with a pen. Notepads could get lost, time written down could be inaccurate, and people could even forget to sign in and/or out. A visitor management system solves problems like these and is a tool that can replace the pen and notepad and serve as the foundation of your school security plan.

When looking for a visitor management solution for your school, you need to understand what you are looking for because there are various options, and not all visitor management systems are the same. Some can simply log in visitors, print a temporary badge, and log them out, turning the visiting process into an electronic process. However, if you’d like your school to be more secure by having a comprehensive school visitor management system in place to be the foundation of your school’s security plan, then you’ll need a more complex and broader system.

The Best Visitor Management System for your School needs the following:

  1. Customizable: The visitor management system must be customizable so that it can work for the peculiar specifications and policies of your school. If it lacks the ability to be customized, there is the possibility that it will not be able to cater to some of your school’s needs.
  2. Cloud-based: Having a cloud-based visitor management system facilitates easy management, fast data sharing (like information about prohibited individuals, approved vendors, volunteers, and visitors), and the integration of several campuses.
  3. Customer service: Apart from automated responses to questions, great customer service should include a customer service team that offers services such as direct emailing, live chat, support ticket systems, and direct calling.
  4. Integration: The synchronization of other systems with the visitor management system should be possible. Some of these other systems include crisis alert systems, student information systems, access control systems, and background checks.

Would you like to find out how Trivest Technologies could help you implement the visitor management system, video surveillance, and fire alarm system specially tailored to your school’s needs? Contact us today for a consultation and get your school secured.

What Is the Best Visitor Management System For Schools?
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What Is the Best Visitor Management System For Schools?
When looking for the best visitor management system for your school, you need to understand what you want, because there are various options
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Trivest Technologies
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