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Choosing A Visitor Management System In Nigeria

Every organization needs a system that can be used to manage the inflow of visitors, majorly for security reasons and other related benefits that can help improve business operations. When you need to procure technology, understanding the system is the first step you have to take, this step ensures you get the desired outcomes from the system. Choosing the perfect visitor management system in Nigeria is a skirmish between price and the features you want, this post will hopefully help you in making the right choice.

Here are some major visitor management system features you need;

Visitor Data Capturing

A visitor management system should have pre-registration features which can be useful in the registration of visitors for events, meetings, conferences or simply one on one visits. Details captured may include visitor name, address, contact, belongings, and picture.

Digital Records

The system should store all the data captured about visitors digitally and make them easily accessible for real-time detailed reporting. This reports can help understand the flow of traffic into the business environment.

User Friendliness

One of the criteria a visitor management system needs to fulfill is user-friendliness, because if the non-tech savvy users don’t understand the system in a few clicks, they will abandon the system without exploring its various uses.

User Notification

The system should be able to alert the host whenever a visitor they are expecting checks in at the door. These notifications can be sent out either by mail or as a message.


Most visitor management systems focus on small and medium enterprises without providing adequate capacities to scale to organizations that a global in size. You have to choose such systems that fit the size of your enterprise.

Customized Visitor Badges

This feature enables you to be able to print personalize visitor cards for visitors, whether they are new or recurrent visitors.

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