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Computer Network For Small Business

Setting up a computer network is a necessity for every business in this digital age, it’s that essential tool for managing business operations like communication, data transfer, storage, and security.
Creating a network is not as easy as it sounds, it requires lots of planning, calculations, and several parts to function properly. Deciding which hardware a network require can be a little frustrating as each part plays a vital role. Today we will be breaking down computer networks, its hardware and their various uses.

Types of Network

There are two types of network connection setup;

  • Wired
  • Wireless

Understanding the network setups will give you a better view of which is needed in your business environment.

Wired Network: This network setup consists of physical cables that are used to transfer data between different devices like a computer and a printer or a computer and a switch. This is the most common network setup in homes and offices, and this is because its faster, more reliable and easier to secure.

Wireless Networks: This network setup makes use of electromagnetic waves emitted from a wireless device to transfer data between different devices. The wireless network setup allows users to roam freely within its coverage area, which gives a sense of convenience to the user.

Both network setups can be combined, as they do not conflict with each other, the only difference comes in the cost of setup.

Computer Network Hardware’s

These devices are configured and connected together to create a network. It’s impossible to list out all the equipment you might need, but here’s a list of the standard equipment that makes up most networks.

Servers: The Server provides services such as assigning IP addresses, storage, authentication, send and receive mail, manage websites and print jobs. These services are accessible to everyone connected to the network.

Router: The router is usually supplied by your internet service provider, it connects your office to the internet (Extranet). In the case that you are not making use of an ISP, the router can also be used to create an internal network (Intranet) for communications and data transfer.

Switch: The switch provides connectivity to devices in a wired network connection setup with the use of ethernet cables.

Ethernet Cable: is the networking hardware used to connect devices on a network

Access Point: The access point is the hardware used to generate electronic magnetic waves that are used for connections in Network devices. Sometimes they are inbuilt with the router and sometimes they are standalone. The stand-alone Access points are more powerful and manageable than inbuilt AP.

Firewall: This networking device protects your organization’s network from spam, viruses, and intruders, thereby keeping all your data safe from the outside world.

Patch Panel: This networking hardware is used to arrange ethernet cables easily and neater when connecting a large number of computers in a wired network setup.

Setting up your network is not a one day job, it requires expertise and technical know-how. We at trivest technologies provide such expertise at a high level in network connection setups.

Contact Trivest Technologies today for all your wired and wireless connection setup, Email: contact@trivestgroup.com Phone: +2348022306494

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