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Designing An Intrusion Detection System

An intrusion detection system is a software application/hardware that monitors access to a logical/physical resource, the system also reports suspicious activities to the appropriate administrator. When a report is made, appropriate actions are taken on the report which will eventually lead to the failure of the intruder or intruders.

The workplace security needs are numerous majorly because of the amount of time we spend within its premises, keeping your business secured physically and logically should be of utmost priority, your business security has a direct connection to its growth. This need for high level of security has carved out an opportunity in the security sector for professionals specialized in designing systems for providing optimum security procedures that can give users up to 98% security assurance, leaving a 2% chance due to human errors.

Various measures of an intrusion detection system;

Physical Security Measures

An intrusion detection system should keep your business environment secure with a combination of different systems that guarantee effective monitoring and reporting. The first of such system is security cameras connected to cloud storage and also allows streaming of video feeds through remote access. The second system is motion sensors, which is the perfect option for restricting access to highly sensitive areas during and after business hours. The third system is security doors with access control that require login with the use of either keycards or biometric details, which are difficult to bypass. These various systems will form a fully functional physical intrusion detection system that monitors various entry points into your business environment.

Logical Security Measures

Most businesses conduct their transactions online, so it’s important to ensure a high level of security for safe and trusted communications. All networks and data within the organization should be protected from prying eyes to prevent the theft of important information.

The network intrusion system monitors all packets on a network and detects suspicious activities such as failed logins, and malicious attempts, after which the system sends a notification to the appropriate administrator. Secondly, firewalls prevents attackers from gaining access to an organizations network coupled with an architecture that obscures important servers from the internet should be implemented. Lastly, host-based intrusion detection systems also provide an extra layer of security to various devices within an organization. The combination of these various measures constitutes a fully functional logical intrusion detection system.

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