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5 Effective Tips For Setting Up Home Security Cameras

Smart home security cameras are no longer seen as a luxury asset today. Over time, this essential gadget has evolved to become a necessity for every homeowner who desires to protect their family, assets, and vicinity, especially when away.

However, installing a home security camera in your residence is no longer enough, as intruders are always looking for system vulnerabilities to exploit. Therefore, you must take all the necessary precautions to configure your home security cameras appropriately. Otherwise, your home will still be vulnerable to vandalism and burglary after all.

Here are 5 effective tips to guide you as you set up your smart home security cameras

Hire Only Licensed Professionals

You may be tempted to “DIY” home security camera installation as there are many YouTube videos already for that purpose. However, you might miss out on a lot of factors you should have considered or observed that your surveillance system does not work optimally.
Certified security professionals know what factors to consider before and during installation. They know that each home has different security needs, and always ensure that you get the best out of your surveillance cameras. Therefore, save yourself the headache, hire only a professional security camera installation consultant.

Place Your Cameras in the Right Spots

One of the biggest factors that affect the efficiency of home security cameras is the placement. If these security devices are not placed in the right points, tracking invaders and burglars might be difficult.
Cameras should not be placed too high or too low. Select adequately-lit locations in your home where the surveillance cameras can catch the best images at all times. It’s also important to consider the sun glare, as the sunlight hitting the camera may distort the quality of the footage.

Secure Your Camera

Protecting your surveillance camera from attacks is a necessity. It’s important to protect it from harsh weather and potential vandals so that it can last longer and save the cost of replacement. If your home security cameras are not waterproof, you should ensure to shield it away from the rain.
Furthermore, you can hide the camera away from potential vandals by covering it with some decorations if you’re installing it above your front door. It’s best to install the camera between eight to ten feet above the ground where nobody will be able to vandalize it. It will save you money since you cannot buy this expensive equipment every month.

Protect Your Cables

Vandals may also attack and sever your surveillance system cables even if the camera is out of reach. Therefore, it’s wise to protect the cables by hiding them in conduit, so that they can be safe from unauthorized access.

Use a Power Backup

Since your security cameras will need a power source, it’s also important to consider whether to opt for a battery-powered camera or one that uses a direct power source. In both cases, having a backup UPS for your surveillance system is always a smart move, since you’ll need your cameras working interrupted.

These tips will guide you through a successful home security camera installation so that your security system can be more efficient.

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5 Effective Tips For Setting Up Home Security Cameras
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5 Effective Tips For Setting Up Home Security Cameras
Smart home security cameras are no longer seen as a luxury asset, this essential gadget has evolved to become a necessity for every homeowner.
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Trivest Technologies
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