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fire resposne in the office
Fire Alarm System

The 4 Fire Emergency Procedures In The Office

We all react to emergencies in different ways, fire drills help familiarize your employees with fire emergency procedures step by step and what to do in case of a fire incident. Every business should have fire response protocols they teach their staffs in case of an emergency, these drills can help minimize loss of life and damage to properties.

Protocols to follow in case of a fire incident;

Take every alarm seriously

People do not take fire alarms seriously, this is one of the major reasons for loss of life during fire incidents. Ensure you check your fire alarm system regularly to make sure they are not faulty and do not sound false alarms.

Call the fire department

As soon as you hear the alarms, try to get to safety and alert the state fire department as soon as possible.

Don’t take the elevator

Taking the elevators during a fire incident is risky, the elevator could get stuck and be filled with smoke harmful to your health.

Head to the muster point

Head straight to the muster point in case of an emergency and make sure all the employees are present by performing a roll call.

Make use of fire extinguisher

If you see the source of the fire and it has not engulfed the entire section, you can contain it with the use of fire extinguisher. Get a fire extinguisher, pull the pin, aim at the base of the fire, squeeze the extinguishers handle and spray from side to side.

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