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Fire Alarm System

Five Things You Should Know About Fire Alarm System

Fire Alarm Systems are designed to warn occupants in a building of a fire outbreak or smoke harmful to their health. If this warnings are ignored, it may lead to loss of life and more damage to personal properties. Installing and Maintaining a fire alarm system is part of a building’s safety measure, though most people believe they can perceive smoke with their nose, this believe is not entirely true because sometimes fire could have engulfed the exit of the building before you perceive the smoke or your senses detect danger.

Here are some more reasons you need a fire alarm system;

Emergency Plan: Having a fire alarm system also provides you with an emergency plan, which will be put in action when the alarms go off. This reduces panic and increases the building’s evacuation time.

Save Life’s: With the use of a fire alarm system, you’re quick to detect fire outbreaks in your building and exit your occupants or staffs before it starts choking them.

Reduce Property Damages: Alarm systems alert building occupants and they are quick to react by putting out the fire or contact a fire service before it damages any of the properties.

Shorten Recovery Time: When emergencies are handled quickly before they get out of hand, they reduce the recovery time of the building as only a few repairs are to be made.

Insurance Claim: Having a fire alarm system makes damage insurance claims easier as they show you have taken enough measures to safeguard life and property. Some insurance company have emergency systems installation as one of their requirement for clients.

Installing a fire alarm system alone is not enough, you have to schedule maintenance and testing periods to ensure the system gives you 100% whenever an emergency happens. Contact trivestgroup on +234-802-230-6494 or forward a mail to contact@trivestgroup.com for all your emergency system installation needs today.

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