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ForthComing Nigeria General Election Security Tips

As the 2019 Nigeria general election draws near, we have to consider the possibility of unrest and violence which could lead to either loss of life or theft of belongings. Trivest technologies, Nigerian’s leading security company has taken out time to compile a few security tips that will be very useful during these general elections 2019 and other elections to come.

The following security tips will help keep you and your family members safe during the 2019 elections, try to follow them to the letter;

  1. Don’t stay out late: During the elections, you should try to finish whatever you are doing early and head on home before it gets dark. Some people use the cover of the night to perpetrate their evil acts as they see it as an opportunity, also when you are indoors ensure you lock your doors properly.
  2. Don’t argue about the parties or candidates: Heated arguments may lead to violence, wherever you find yourself during the elections, try to avoid political arguments about the different parties and candidates, keep your political choices to yourself.
  3. Watch/Listen to the News: Might be your television or radio, try to stay updated on whatever is happening around you, as that will be the first place you will get verifiable information.
  4. Don’t show your support for a candidate or party: You might feel the need to convince people to vote your candidate, but it’s best you keep it to yourself to avoid confrontations or fights.
  5. Secure your home: When you about leaving your home to vote, ensure all your doors and windows are properly locked to prevent break-ins and theft.
  6. Don’t wear any political party Insignia: When going out on election day, wear a normal shirt or t-shirt that is not branded with any parties logo or campaign text to avoid attacks from opposition parties.
  7. Head home after you cast your vote: It’s best you go home immediately after voting for your chosen candidates, as the election results will be collated and announced on various media outlets.
  8. Do not partake in election violence: Steer clear of any person or group of persons trying to instigate violence on the election day as this may have repercussions.
  9. Move with people you know: When going out, try to move with your friends or family members as this will make you less of a target from any attack.
  10. Carry less cash around: If you normally carry huge amount of cash around, you should minimize such during elections as some people might take that opportunity to commit a crime such as theft and murder.
  11. Jubilate moderately: Even after the election has been concluded and results announced, if the result of the election is what you wanted, you should try to celebrate such moderately as those that didn’t get what they wanted might take out their anger on you.

As a Nigerian, you should endeavor to collect your permanent voter’s card and proceed to the polling booths to vote the candidate of your choice as this decision will put a leader in place for the next 4 years. This is wishing Nigerians a peaceful free and fair election from trivestgroup. Contact trivestgroup on +234-802-230-6494 or forward a mail to contact@trivestgroup.com  for all your security solutions today.

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