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How Convenient Is Hands-Free Access Control
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How Convenient Is Hands Free Access Control?

Security and access control have become vital components for any business or home, especially for the prevention of burglary and to ensure the safety of building occupants. However, the question of access control convenience has come up over the years. Despite the protection that security access control systems offer, how convenient to use are they?

The inconvenience of access control

One of the factors that contribute to the inconvenience of many access control systems today is having to present a card or badge to a reader, which determines if access should be given or not. This is particularly an issue when your hands are occupied.

Solutions for access control convenience

Proximity is the main issue to tackle to offer more convenience to users. The further away a card reader can read a card, the more convenient it is.

The use of lower frequency waves in addition to larger antennas, do well over longer distances and can reach reading distances close to a meter in access control cards, that do not need batteries (passive access control cards). This is a significant improvement over the usual smart cards that offer a read range of just a few inches.

A problem with this solution is the proprietary nature of the technology used, which means that customers are restricted to the technology of the supplier they patronize. Moreover, the effectiveness of card readers is different in various circumstances, and to boost performance, more antenna adjustments are sometimes required.

Other solutions for access control in buildings in the form of long-range RFID (radio frequency identification) have been available for quite some time, and a lot of them use semi-active or active transponders which operate on a range of high frequencies. They typically perform very well.

Is ultra-high frequency (UHF) now the standard for access control using long-range RFID?

Ultra-high frequencies are the RFID frequencies between 300 MHz and 3000 MHz (3 GHz). Apart from building access control systems, many hands free vehicle access control systems use it at a frequency of about 900MHz.

One great advantage of UHF is that it offers readers that are smaller in size and a longer read distance with tags that do not require batteries.

Go for convenience

Convenience guarantees the happiness of your customers, and UHF presents a cost-efficient solution to hands free access control.

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How Convenient Is Hands Free Access Control?
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How Convenient Is Hands Free Access Control?
However, the question of access control convenience has come up over the years. Despite the protection access control systems offer, how convenient are they?
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Trivest Technologies
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