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How Parking Management Impacts A Cities Safety
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How Parking Management Impacts A Cities Safety

If you live in a big city like Lagos, Nigeria, you have likely been through the struggle of finding a parking space when you go out with your vehicle, and this is sometimes due to having a lot of cars on the road, a great demand for parking space, and little supply of parking areas in the most needed areas. This also translates into the loss of valuable time that could be spent on more productive activities.

You would easily find that you are stressed and frustrated after having to search for a parking space, circling around and around in futility. Parking management needs to be given more attention in cities because a rise in the population will consequently lead to more cars on the road.

Impact of poor parking management in cities

Impact of parking on livability

Moving from one place to another for work, school, events, and other activities happens every single day, and whether you are moving around in your private vehicle or not, the vehicle you board will need to park when it gets to its destination. However, when parking management is not properly handled, it could lead to drivers being stressed and could have an avoidable impact on traffic congestion.

Having an inefficient parking management system in a city could also result in illegal parking and life-threatening cases when an emergency vehicle’s path is blocked.

Environmental effects

When drivers try to find a parking space, they typically move slowly, and some that park illegally tend to leave their engines running to take off as soon as they can. These result in possible traffic congestion, noise pollution, and air pollution.

Solution for parking management in cities

To tackle the issue of parking management efficiently, surveillance technology can be implemented as a solution. Technological advancement has made it possible for parking to be better managed through video surveillance and data analytics.

With the use of network surveillance cameras, cities can improve parking management by guiding drivers to available parking spots and also alerting officers to parking violations. Apart from detecting violations, they can also aid in preventing disruptions to traffic and congestion.

By combining analytics, a navigation system, and surveillance cameras, available parking spaces can be identified, and drivers can be directed to them accurately. This will ultimately improve the experience of drivers, reduce the possibility of traffic jams, and save time.

Efficient parking management can be achieved with the right technology and equipment. Trivest Technologies offers all you’ll need to achieve this solution. Contact us to schedule a meeting or call with you.

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How Parking Management Impacts A Cities Safety
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How Parking Management Impacts A Cities Safety
The issue of Parking Management in cities can be efficiently tackled through the use of video surveillance and comprehensive data analytics.
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Trivest Technologies
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