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How To Improve The Safety Of Your Gated Community

Gated communities provide an elevated sense of security for homeowners and residents. However, burglars devise new ways to attack houses almost every day. Therefore, as a homeowner, resident, or property manager in a gated community, not taking precautions could be dangerous. It is everyone’s responsibility to take necessary measures to protect lives and properties even in a gated community. Here, we discuss some important tips to help you protect your community at all times.

Install up-to-date surveillance hardware

A chain is as strong as its weakest link, Individually securing each apartment in the community sometimes is hardly ever enough. For better protection, the entire area should be well equipped to withstand intrusion and external attacks.
While manning the gate and setting up security posts is a great security initiative, it often does not suffice. It is also necessary to install CCTVs, security alarms, motion detectors, and other surveillance hardware in the area. Recently, property administrators can also install app-based gated community security systems for the overall management and security of gated residential complexes. These systems come with an inbuilt panic alert system and perform other functions such as keeping a detailed digital visitor’s register, alerting guards when a visitor overstays his/her welcome, etc.

Conduct regular perimeter inspection

A routine perimeter inspection is necessary to assess potential security risks in a gated community. Doing this can help you review and reinforce the community’s safety and security plan for better protection. Look around the gated perimeter to identify vulnerable spots where an intruder could gain unsolicited access to the environment. Install lights in dark spots, mend broken parts, and adjust fence height where necessary. Furthermore, evaluate the community’s crime data and take proactive measures to curb the further occurrence of prevalent crime.

Use better locks

If you live in a rented apartment, it is necessary to replace old locks with newer and better ones. Most times, you can never tell if the previous tenant still has a key to the apartment. Otherwise, if the home is yours, using a high-end, reliable locking system for your door helps prevent burglary and vandalism. Furthermore, as flats located on the lower floors are of vandals and burglars, it is wise to change your locks every few years. This is to safeguard your apartment against lock-pickers.

Create a point of contact for residents

Residents of a gated community must have a response center to report suspicious behaviors or incidents. This will go a long way to prevent safety issues and crime in the area. All residents should have the contact information of the community’s patrol guards so they can call and report during emergencies. Furthermore, there should be a central line and cellphones for each guard on duty to ensure a swift response.

Know your neighbors

Get familiar with those who live around you. As a resident, it is also important that you know your neighborhood and premises so that you know what to look out for. Sometimes, burglars may pose as neighbors or utility workers to gain access to your home. Hence, being familiar with your co-residents in the community can help protect your property against such imposters.

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How To Improve The Safety Of Your Gated Community
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How To Improve The Safety Of Your Gated Community
Gated communities provide an elevated sense of security for homeowners. However, burglars devise new ways to attack houses almost every day
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Trivest Technologies
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