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How To Keep Your Hotel Guests Safe In Nigeria
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How To Keep Your Hotel Guests Safe In Nigeria

Keeping your hotel secure is a lot of work. Apart from securing the premises against attack and breaches, you also have to ensure the safety of your guests and their valuables. However, guests check-in and out at different times, and sometimes, may not be properly identified. Hence, this often makes the security of hotels challenging and tasking.

Meanwhile, there are important steps you can take to improve safety and comfort your guests and curtail the risk of security breaches. Here are some useful tips to enhance the safety of your hotel’s guests.

Conduct a Security Risk Assessment

One of the most effective steps to augment the safety of your hotel and its guests is to perform a security risk assessment on your facility. You don’t have to worry about the fundamentals and what it entails. All you need is to hire a reputable security company to perform a risk assessment on your hotel. This will help you to identify all security loopholes and vulnerabilities in your facility and useful suggestions on how to correct them.

Hire Security Officers

You don’t want to leave the security of your hotel, employees, and guests to chances. Recruiting skilled and competent security officers to man your hotel’s entrance will not only protect your facility from attacks, but you’ll also deter potential attackers, vandals, and other unauthorized visitors. Also, security guards serve as the first point of contact for your guests, welcoming them and assuring them of their safety and comfort.

If there are any unruly guests or trespassers, your security officers will take charge and calm the situation. Furthermore, your hotel’s security officers will also serve as traffic controllers and actively monitor the parking area to keep watch over your guests’ vehicles.

Install Access Control System

Access control systems can help you manage and monitor access to important areas in your hotel. It goes without saying that the guests’ room and its facilities should be made as private and exclusive as possible for the visitors. You can make this possible by switching to keycards for guests’ rooms. This goes a long way to enhance security and also reduce costs should any guest misplace a key. Also, if there are restricted-access areas in your hotel that only your employees can enter, you should install access control to ward off trespassers.

Install Intelligent Surveillance System

Up-to-date surveillance cameras will help you to monitor all activity around your hotel and keep your guests safe by identifying any potential threats. You should install visible and hidden security cameras at all entry points, exterior areas as well hallways, and other important areas. You can also install motion detectors and burglars and firearms to further augment your security system.

You must take note, however, that you place these security cameras in areas that do not compromise the privacy of your guests. Also, you must appoint security officers to man and observe live feeds from the surveillance cameras around the clock so that they can take proactive action before the crime takes place.

As a hotel owner or manager in the hospitality industry, you need to stay up-to-date on contemporary trends to protect your clients and patrons from criminals who may want to steal your guests’ valuables and confidential data. You’ll definitely find the tips we shared here beneficial!

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How To Keep Your Hotel Guests Safe In Nigeria
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How To Keep Your Hotel Guests Safe In Nigeria
Keeping your hotel secure is a lot of work. Apart from securing the premises, you also have to ensure the safety of your guests and their valuables
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Trivest Technologies
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