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How To Secure Your Home With A Checklist

There are two types of home burglars you need to secure your home from; they are the amateur crooks and the skilled professionals, they both have the same mission, which is to rob you of your belongings. The amateurs might just stumble onto your home and try to break your windows or kick down the doors, while the professionals will surveil your home for a short while watching your every move and to gather the information that will later give them the access to break in and cart away your properties.

With the right security measures, you can secure your home and discourage both the amateurs and professional thieves from having their way in your home. We will be sharing some necessary measures to help prevent your home from being attacked.

Install an Alarm System

Homes without security systems have a higher risk of been broken into than homes with one. The alarm system monitors your surroundings and alerts the homeowner when there’s an intrusion. The alarm system can be configured to contact your local police authority in the event of a break-in.

Some companies offer security services as quick responders to break-ins and robbery, but you might need to pay monthly or annually for their services.

Own A Security Dog

Security dogs can also secure your home; they help protect life and property. Dogs can be used in addition to a security system or without one. Different dogs have their different strengths; Guard dogs defend properties; Protection dogs watch over people and not physical area; German Shepherds and Rottweilers are the best breeds for protecting a home because that’s what they are trained for, they respond well to discipline and are friendly with everyone except intruders.

Install Motion Detecting Lighting

Smart lighting makes it harder for burglars to break into your home at night undetected, strategic placement of motion detecting lighting at possible points of entry such as windows, doors, and the gate will serve as a deterrent to unwanted visitors.

Install Surveillance Cameras

With surveillance cameras, you can view the inside and surroundings of your home in real-time, these videos are also stored locally or in the cloud for future reference. Surveillance cameras have proven to stop burglary attempts and make investigations easier in the event of a successful break-in. As an additional layer of security, you can put up signs around the house that shows the house is equipped with security cameras to keep potential burglars out.

Reinforce Your Windows

Windows are a necessity for every home, but they pose a unique security challenge. To gain entry into your home, all an intruder needs to do is break the window and unlock it from the inside. To prevent such from happening, you can use laminated windows instead of regular glass, and you can also install metal bars after the windows as a secondary layer of protection.

Protect Your Home Against Fire

House fires are dangerous, and even when escaped narrowly can be harmful to one’s health. House fires sometimes serve as an opportunity for burglars to invade your home and cart away your properties. You can prevent fire incidences at home by installing smoke detectors and keeping them in good working conditions. Also, by formulating a fire escape plan and keeping fire extinguishers around the house where you can easily put out fires before emergency responders get to your home.

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How To Secure Your Home With A Checklist
Article Name
How To Secure Your Home With A Checklist
There are two types of home burglars you need to secure your home from they are the amateur and the skilled professionals, they both have the same mission.
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Trivest Technologies
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