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How to View CCTV Footage on Your Mobile Phone
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How to View CCTV Footage on Your Mobile Phone

Typically, to view your CCTV footage, you can make use of a monitor with split screens in the case of many cameras or even many monitors as the case may be. Nowadays, you can view the footage on your mobile devices too, be it on iOS or Android. Depending on the kind of digital video recorder, network video recorder, or security camera that you may be using, the process and quality may differ slightly, however, a similar approach is taken for them all.

Mobile applications for viewing CCTV footage on your mobile phone (Android and iPhone)

  • Generic smartphone application

Some mobile phone applications like TinyCam can work with several CCTV camera brands. Even though most smart cameras use their proprietary applications, some generic applications allow you to view footage on your phone from the different CCTV brands. For example, the TinyCam application can connect to security camera brands like Hikvision, Wyze, Amcrest, and Samsung.

TinyCam uses the proprietary protocol of the manufacturers like RTSP, P2P, and ONVIF to communicate with their smart cameras and security cameras. In addition to viewing footage on your mobile phone, you can also use the TinyCam application on a Smart TV and watch security camera footage from your television.

The major downside to using the Tinycam application is that it does not have as many resources and functions as proprietary camera applications provide, like video analytics and microSD card reading.

  • Proprietary smartphone application

The proprietary application is the application created by the manufacturer specifically for use with their cameras. With the proprietary applications, you can view live footage and manage the camera and its functions. Note that not all brands have applications that can be used with their cameras. Unlike a generic application, you can make use of all the features of a camera with a proprietary application like using bidirectional audio, toggling lights, and adjusting the focus or view in some security cameras.

Viewing footage on your mobile phone makes it easier to monitor your property remotely. To purchase and set up your security cameras for mobile viewing, do not hesitate to contact us at Trivest Technologies.

For your professional CCTV Installation or CCTV price enquiry in Nigeria, and other security enquiries, contact Trivest Technologies today on +234-802-230-6494 or forward a mail to contact@trivestgroup.com.

How to View CCTV Footage on Your Mobile Phone
Article Name
How to View CCTV Footage on Your Mobile Phone
Depending on the kind of digital video recorder or cameras you use, you can view CCTV footage on your mobile devices, be it on iOS or Android
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Trivest Technologies
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