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Why You Need To Install Security Cameras In High-rise Buildings

As owner or property manager of a high-rise condominium, apartment building, or office in Nigeria, security is critical to everyone. Your property’s tenants want to rest assured that their employees and leased space are a safe, conducive, and secure work environment. Therefore, as a landlord/property manager in Lagos or any other part of Nigeria, it’s important to protect your facility from vandalism and burglary. This will help provide a safe environment for your property’s occupants to maintain building occupancy.

Crime and vandalism are ever on the rise, as burglars, robbers, vandals, and criminals are always looking for the next vulnerable apartment to attack. Therefore, these heinous acts must be stopped before they are perpetrated. This is why a reliable, up-to-date, and responsive security/surveillance system is a necessity in a high-rise building in Nigeria.

Video surveillance technology can prevent crime before it even happens. Whenever burglars or vandals see that an apartment building, condo complex, or high-rise has video cameras, they choose to target other places.

Four Key Areas to Install Security Cameras in High-Rise Buildings

Here are four key areas to install security cameras in high-rise buildings so your tenants and their employees feel safer and secure at work.

  1. Interior common areas (including elevator lobby and the back of the house receiving areas): Having cameras at visible spots can deter thieves and vandals. Video surveillance technology also keeps and maintains a visual log of events around the public spaces of your facility.
  2. Exterior common spaces (such as parking lots, the backs of buildings, and outside loading dock areas): These areas are usually some sort of unmanned “blind spots”, providing easy access for criminals to breach the building. For outstanding security, motion detection cameras that can trigger lights or audio recordings are a great investment.
  3. Entry points to all common spaces: Integrating access control systems with video surveillance will go a long way to enhance your control and tracking of events and alarms through the entry points. If you are managing the building remotely, it is good to be able to verify the alarm and also determine who actually propped open the door.
  4. Access control to elevators: The best way to secure your building from unauthorized access is to limit access to elevator after-hours to tenants only. An additional security strategy will be to restrict tenant access exclusively to just the part of the building that they lease. You can also combine these access control systems with video surveillance to beef up security on your property.

Some of the factors which may influence the type and sophistication level of security solutions you may deploy for high-rise buildings include the location of the building, number of floors, the types of businesses in your building (retail stores, offices, consulting firms, etc.), neighborhood and crime rates, foot traffic, etc.

Providing a safe and secure work environment for your building’s tenants will help to attract and maintain a long-term tenant base. Therefore, if you want to ensure a conducive space for your tenants, you need to deploy the best security solution there is. You can always consult with Trivest Technologies to design a robust, efficient, and responsive security system to meet your needs, help you maximize your security, and increase your ROI.

For your high-rise buildings security camera installations in Nigeria, contact Trivest Technologies on +234-802-230-6494 or forward a mail to contact@trivestgroup.com for all your security system needs today.

Why You Need To Install Security Cameras In High-rise Buildings
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Why You Need To Install Security Cameras In High-rise Buildings
As owner or property manager of a high-rise condominium, apartment building, or office in Nigeria, security is critical to everyone's safety.
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Trivest Technologies
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