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Important Steps To Consider While Installing Wireless CCTV

Wireless CCTV systems are a good mechanism for protecting your home, organization, or company. Since they do not require cumbersome wiring, installing wireless CCTV systems is quite easier, faster, and neater. Added to that, you get to save money on wiring costs and worry less about replacing wires when they are cut or burnt.

Here are some important steps to consider while installing wireless CCTV systems.

Find out the most suitable type of camera

There are different types of surveillance cameras and the installation process usually varies according to the different types of video surveillance cameras to be used. Some common examples are Bullet Cameras, PTZ Cameras (360-degree), Dome Cameras, Hidden Cameras, and Wide-Angle cameras. All of these have their peculiarities and uses, and your choice should be based on your specific security needs.

Therefore, ensure you make thorough research, inquiries, and consultations on the features you would like to have.

Choose the installation point for the camera

Knowing where to place your surveillance cameras goes a long way to determine how effective your system is. It’s also good to know how the maximum range your camera can cover and the proximity to a power source. This will also guide you in picking the best spot for your camera.

To make sure your cameras get a clearer and wider view, mount your camera high enough, and cover as many entries as possible using the least number of cameras to save cost. Further, place the camera on spots that are difficult to reach for home intruders, thieves, and naughty kids. It’s also important to consider the exposure of your camera to the elements.

Avoid pointing your camera directly towards a light source to reduce the underexposure of images and videos captured. As suggested by security experts, some of the best spots and locations for placing security cameras include the front door, the back door, and off-street windows.

Get the necessary installation tools and materials ready

If you’re doing your installation by yourself, you’ll definitely need many tools and materials. Some of these include anchors, screws, cables, an electric drill, a power adapter or receiver, and others. However, some all-in-one security camera systems often include screws and other necessary installation materials in the camera box.

Mount the camera properly

After you’ve found the best spot to mount your camera, drill holes to screw it on. This will make it sturdy and firm in position. Don’t forget to point your camera in the right position and use the right angle.

Connect the cameras and activate them

Once the cameras are fixed and every wiring is done, the next step is to connect your CCTV system and check if it’s well connected to the power source. It’s important to ensure that the view recorder and the monitor get a good power supply. Also, you should make provisions for an adequate power backup. This way, your wireless surveillance system can work uninterrupted even during a power outage.

Configure your CCTV system

Set up your CCTV camera and try to access it by smartphones, computers, and tablets. Make sure to get the updated mobile apps and desktop software for accessing your camera wherever you are. Check all these surveillance features available and configure them to suit your desires as much as possible.

For your professional wireless CCTV Installation or CCTV price enquiry in Nigeria, and other security enquiries, contact Trivest Technologies today on +234-802-230-6494 or forward a mail to contact@trivestgroup.com.

Important Steps To Consider While Installing Wireless CCTV
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Important Steps To Consider While Installing Wireless CCTV
Wireless CCTV systems are a good mechanism for protecting your home/office, they are easier and faster to install because they don't require wiring
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Trivest Technologies
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