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Practical Guidelines For Installing Hotel CCTV Cameras
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Practical Guidelines For Installing Hotel CCTV Cameras

Are you considering installing CCTV cameras in your hotel and concerned about what steps to take? Are you confused about where to begin, what important questions to answer, and how long it will take?

In this post, we’ll highlight some important tips to guide you through the installation of CCTV cameras in your hotel. Let’s dive in.

Define Your Needs and Requirements

Installing CCTV cameras in your hotel is an important security procedure. Among other important benefits, it enhances the safety of your facility, staff, and guests. Therefore, you shouldn’t do it without proper planning. A careful security survey (risk assessment) should proceed with the CCTV acquisition and installations.

When you’ve done a proper security risk assessment, you’ll be able to determine what areas you’ll need to secure. Further, you’ll also gain insights on what type of security equipment to buy, how to deploy, operate, and manage the surveillance system, and where to store and retrieve the security data.

Buy Up-to-Date Security Equipment

You may be tempted to cut corners and go for cheap surveillance equipment. While it’s true that a high price doesn’t always mean quality, you must always choose the latest security gadgets for your surveillance system. With quality security equipment, you’ll get the best value for your investment – better image quality, compatibility robustness, and durability.

Determine Where to Place Security Cameras

When it comes to installing hotel CCTV cameras, you have to be careful to avoid infringing the privacy of your clients and guests. While trying to ensure that your facility is safe from all forms of external attacks and security compromise, you must also see that you deny your guests and employees due privacy. Let’s highlight some strategic positions to place your hotel CCTV cameras.

  • Access points: To get a clear view of visitors entering and exiting the hotel premises, place at least 2 cameras each (at different angles) at the entrance and exit gates.
  • Open (communal) areas: Watch out for all open areas around the hotel accessible by all guests. Install cameras in the parking area, swimming pool, service corridor, hallways, loading dock, stairs and service exits. Most hotel surveillance systems omit the stairs and service exits, but criminals may actually take advantage of those blind spots to plan and execute suspicious activities.
  • Restricted areas. You need CCTV cameras in rooms, stores and warehouses that hold sensitive resources and important assets, such as money and safe deposit boxes to avoid theft and burglary. Most times, planting hidden cameras in these spots will help you nab criminals and thieves who may attempt to avoid detection by visible cameras.
  • Exterior. Your CCTV security network should also cover the external premises around the hotel from different angles to protect the hotel from the neighbourhood and trespassers.

In conclusion, when you’re installing hotel CCTV cameras, ensure you secure every important spot without compromising your guests’ privacy and comfort. This assures your guests that they’re in safe hands and their properties are secure. Then, they can enjoy their stay and keep coming back!

Getting ready to set up your hotel CCTV security cameras? Contact Trivest Technologies on +234-802-230-6494 or forward a mail to contact@trivest-group.com for the best access control system for your company in Nigeria and Ghana.

Practical Guidelines For Installing Hotel CCTV Cameras
Article Name
Practical Guidelines For Installing Hotel CCTV Cameras
In this post, we’ll highlight some important tips to guide you through the installation of CCTV cameras in your hotel. Let’s dive in.
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Trivest Technologies
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