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secure your company network with a checklist
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How To Secure Your Company Network With A Checklist

Thanks to the internet, the world is now more connected than ever. While this seamless connectivity has tremendous advantages, it is also prone to various types of attacks. As a company with a network of devices used in carrying out your day-to-day business transactions, your business is a potential target for hackers and spammers. The larger the company network gets – the more users, the more devices, and the more applications you add to it – all these additions indefinitely make the network more vulnerable.
In this post, we share with you a checklist that will guide you on how to keep your company network secure against attacks.

Use a Strong Password Policy

Hackers are always on the lookout. Hence, it is necessary to use only strong passwords that are not easy to guess on your phones, computers, and online accounts. It’s not strange to have employees who use family members, dates, pets, favorite sports teams, and such as their password. However, you should put measures in place to prevent this from happening.
Good password policies often require at least eight characters, one lower case letter, one upper case letter, and one symbol or special character. Remember, the more uncommon your passwords are, the less likely they will be compromised. You can also make use of password managers like LastPass and Bitwarden to store passwords for your online accounts so you don’t have to memorize them.

Closely Monitor Your Traffic

Keep a close eye on incoming and outgoing traffic through an active firewall and read the reports with great care. It’s not safe to rely solely on alerts and prompts to flag suspicious activities. Ensure that your network engineers understand the traffic data and take necessary actions to avert potential risks.

Stay Up-to-date on New Threats

Keep an eye on new threats as they are discovered and published online. For example, software companies like Adobe, Microsoft, and Apple continually update their software to counteract cyberattacks in direct response to newly-found threats, bugs, and vulnerabilities in their software.
Firewalls and antivirus should be an integral part of every business’s network security plan. Your business is completely exposed without a firewall and your computers are completely naked without antivirus.

Restrict Guest Wi-Fi

If you want to avoid the hassle of setting up a connection to a private Wi-Fi for your guests, consider providing a public access point for them. However, attackers can exploit this to attack your network. Therefore, ensure your public Wi-Fi is separate from the rest of your business network.

Encrypt Backup Data

Every business needs a good data backup plan. Whichever one you prefer, cloud backup, physical backups, or both, backups help prevent data losses and enhance smooth business processes. Encryption secures your data against unauthorized access. Many cloud vendors offer this function, and for many there is also physical backup software with encryption ability you need.

Use Only Secure Networks

If your employees are allowed to work from home, you need to take steps to ensure they keep business data safe from unauthorized persons. Therefore, we recommend that you use a company VPN for workers to connect to when they work outside the office.

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How To Secure Your Company Network With A Checklist
Article Name
How To Secure Your Company Network With A Checklist
In this post, we share with you a checklist that will guide you on how to secure your company network secure against hackers and attackers.
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Trivest Technologies
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