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Security Cameras as Sensors For Smart Building Automation
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Security Cameras as Sensors For Smart Building Automation

Smart buildings or homes are the standards for luxury living today, and this is mainly due to the simplicity and ease of everyday actions they afford. They are designed to gather data that can be used to optimize and control the building for the creation of a safe and user-friendly environment. Through the collection of data, smart building systems gain an understanding of those in the building and then make use of the information to improve usability, security, and energy consumption of the building.

Apart from security cameras, smart building automation also requires sensors such as temperature sensors, humidity sensors, motion/occupancy sensors, contact sensors, gas/air quality sensors, and electrical current monitoring sensors, among others.

What can smart buildings do?

The following are some of the functions that smart buildings systems can perform using artificial intelligence, deep learning, and analytics:

  • Optimised ventilation and cooling: Adjusting ventilation and light with consideration of the number of people in the building.
  • Directing people to the danger-free fire exit in case of emergency.
  • Control of airflow and ambient light.
  • Reporting safety issues and carrying out appropriate actions to alleviate the situation.
  • Energy use optimisation: With fewer people in a building, less energy is used, and money is saved.
  • Equipment maintenance: Performance problems are detected and reported before they can cause problems that could lead to outages that require expensive repairs.
  • Dynamic power consumption: This guarantees that the lowest energy costs are incurred.

Use of security cameras for smart building automation

With security cameras, analytics and digital image processing are possible, and since present-day IP cameras have microprocessors, they can process and analyze data on-site (edge processing).

Cameras with complex image processing capabilities in a smart building/home can be used for the following:

  • Crowd management and counting the number of people in a building, floor, or even room.
  • Face recognition at entrances.
  • Object tracking to prevent theft and vandalism.
  • Recognition of license plates
  • Perimeter detection: This helps trigger alarms when unauthorised individuals try to gain access into the building and surrounding environment.
  • Object detection and identification.

What next?

You require suitable security cameras to complement the automation of your smart buildings, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Trivest Technologies to get the best security cameras for your smart buildings.

Security Cameras as Sensors For Smart Building Automation
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Security Cameras as Sensors For Smart Building Automation
Smart building automation requires sensors like temperature sensors, electricity sensors, motion sensors, and security cameras for analytics and digital image processing
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Trivest Technologies
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