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Security Control for Home Automation
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Security Control for Home Automation

Home automation security control is essential for all automated buildings and several factors must be considered before deciding on the kind of security devices to go with. Whether you are installing a new security system for your building automation system or enhancing your current one, you should be sure to take a look at all available options to ensure you pick the right one for your home or commercial property.

With an automated security system, you can control, program, and monitor your home’s security setup in a way that keeps criminals away and provides a greater degree of safety.

Security control comes in these forms:

  • Remote: Most modern automated security systems can be controlled remotely through a wireless network. This also means that it can be controlled from anywhere in the house or outside the house, even if you’re in another town as long as you have a working internet connection. Some manufacturers of home security systems also have smartphone applications that owners can use to monitor their homes and control their security systems.
  • In-home: A tablet or a stationary device fixed to a wall or in a particular room could serve as an in-home dashboard which is used to control all automated devices within the home. It could be used to control the cameras and check the footage, close the curtains, lock the doors, and more.

Key features of home automation security control systems are video surveillance, notification software, and motion detection.

The notification software helps to notify users when family members get home, like letting the parents know when their kids are back home from school. This can be achieved through keypad entry whereby each family member has an entry code. Members can be notified through a text message, an automated call, or an email when other members of the home get home.

Motion detection devices can help to save energy by only turning on lights when someone walks into a room and turning off when the person has left the room. Outdoor lights with this feature could also help to keep criminals away at night.

Video surveillance is done with security cameras and the footage captured can be backed up to the cloud for viewing at a later time. With video surveillance, you can monitor those that gain access into your buildings and possibly deter criminals from going ahead with their plans.

Trivest Technologies has a dedicated group of professionals that are ready to meet your security camera needs for your home and commercial buildings.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for the security of your home. Call Trivest Technologies on +234-802-230-6494 or forward a mail to contact@trivest-group.com

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