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Physical Security Policies In Any Organisation
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How To Maintain Excellent Security Policies In Any Organisation

Every organization, regardless of the size, needs adequate security policies to ensure the safety of employees and the protection of material assets in the facility. Without effective security strategies, it becomes difficult to keep intruders in check, and the lives of employees lie at risk in the work environment.

In this post, we discuss 5 effective security policies to ensure excellent security in the workplace.

Secure your facility’s interior/exterior

Your company’s size often determines the type of perimeter security to employ. A small single-room company can most likely get by without a receptionist or security guard. However, a larger organization with several public areas and points of access will need appropriate advanced security policies, such as surveillance cameras, keycard access, and other security devices around the campus.

Inside the facility, additional security devices such as alarms, and motion detectors, are also important. If your company has sensitive areas, such as a data center or server room, you will need to deploy additional physical security systems, such as a key card system, to prevent unauthorized access.

Create strict access policies for visitors

Threats to internal security do not always come with malicious intentions. Sometimes, they are perpetrated unknowingly. This is why it’s important to have a sign-in sheet for all visitors and guests at your building’s main access points. This log-in sheet should include fields such as the visitor’s name and company and check-in/out times. Also, visitors should wear temporary sticker badges with a short expiration duration that clearly distinguish them from regular staff.

For better security, guests and visitors should always be escorted whenever they are within your premises, especially if they will be entering restricted areas such as your server room, or data center. If the visitor will be accessing sensitive company data, it’s recommended that they sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

Separate guest accounts from main network

Also, as a best practice, ensure your company’s IT team configures your company’s network in such a way that the guest network is totally separated from your main network. This is important to avoid the transfer of malware to your systems by anyone attempting to connect to your network.

Disable USB drives

Opening websites, files, and email attachments potentially expose your company systems to potential threats such as viruses, threats, and malware. It’s easy for USBs used on other people’s home computers or even public computers to get infected and transmit these viruses. To curtail the spread of viruses in your office, you may advise employees not to use USB sticks, or for better compliance, totally disable the USB ports of employees’ computers.

Create and secure backups

Create and keep other sets of data backups off-site or remotely in the cloud, so your company data is protected in the event of mishaps. Make sure the backup is done regularly and that the system is disconnected from the network after the backup is complete. This will help forestall the destruction or corruption of your backups by malware if the systems are left connected to the existing network.

To ensure that your campus is safe and your employees are protected, it’s important to regularly assess your security policies to ensure their usefulness to your organization. This will help you identify what to change and how to ensure compliance in your organization.

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How To Maintain Excellent Security Policies In Any Organisation
Article Name
How To Maintain Excellent Security Policies In Any Organisation
Every organization, regardless of the size, needs adequate physical security policies to ensure the safety of employees and the protection of material assets in the facility.
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Trivest Technologies
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