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5 Top Security Solutions To Protect Remote Workers

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses and organizations all around the world were forced to shut down. The ravaging pandemic also necessitated social distancing and eventually, a remote workforce. Employees had to work from home, collaborations and group projects were shared over social media platforms and virtual applications.

While operating a remote workforce comes with numerous advantages, there are also many threats remote workers could face. These threats could also extend to the organization and its operations. What measures should you take to protect your remote workforce and ensure that your business is secure and safe?

Improve your network security policies

Since employees now work from home, it means they now have to use unsecured home networks. This exposes employees to threats and malicious attacks. As company files, data and information are exchanged over home networks, securing them is important. To protect these resources, set security policies mandating all home employees to use up-to-date antivirus software and strong password protection policies on their machines. You may also have to consider deploying alternative cloud-based applications to monitor remote workstations.

Use virtual private network (VPN) solutions

Another effective solution to protect your remote workforce is to mandate employees to use Dedicated Virtual Private Networks (VPN) for official communication. VPNs mask IP addresses so locations are untraceable. They also help to maintain end-to-end data encryption so that your sensitive files and resources shared are safe and secure. Ensure your VPN solutions are up-to-date on your server or firewall, or the workstations of your remote workers.

Implement two-factor authentication (2FA)

Consider beefing up your remote work environment security with 2 Factor Authentication. 2FA solutions help you to add an extra layer of security to important applications. Even while your staff works remotely, 2FA solutions help you to ensure that only authorized admins and users are allowed to access company resources and share files.

Create routine backups of critical systems

As workers work from home and share crucial information via their devices, it’s important to consider the possibility of damage or loss of important data. Hence, you must ensure regular backup of all critical systems. Create multiple backup options of applications and data, most preferably in the cloud and even offline. Check that backups are done correctly and the information is always secure.

Sensitise employees on cybersecurity threats

Scams and phishing threats targeted at remote workers are increasing. Hackers and malicious attacks attempt to lure employees into engaging with suspicious material through unsolicited emails, fake updates, or promotions. Ensure that you regularly inform your remote staff about the potential risks facing them and how to avoid them. Many phishing threats contain bad grammar and spelling which they may be able to spot easily. Also, train your remote workers to promptly report suspicious accounts and links to IT departments so they would take steps to flag these suspicious accounts.

As working paradigms evolve and new trends are set, security solutions and workplace safety policies must follow suit to avert mishaps. Therefore, every organization must consider scalable and reliable security policies to mitigate threats and risks that remote workers might face. For your professional security solutions in Nigeria, contact Trivest Technologies on +234-802-230-6494 or forward a mail to contact@trivestgroup.com

5 Top Security Tips To Protect Remote Workers
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5 Top Security Tips To Protect Remote Workers
What measures should you take to protect your remote workforce and ensure that your business is secure and safe from attacks and data theft
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Trivest Technologies
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