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Security Trends in 2019
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Security Warnings and Trends To Watch Out For in 2019

As we begin the year 2019, here are some security warnings and trends you might want to follow to adequately secure your business physically and logically:

1.Coin-Miners Takeover: In the year 2018, cryptocurrency had its big break and got most people including hackers involved in dealings, using bitcoin as a means of payment. In 2019 more malware will be developed to silently operate on personal/business computers that do not have there firewalls or computers immune to these hard to detect malware used for bitcoin mining and disrupt the market values for the cryptocurrency.

Trends: Increase in the use of smart intrusion detection systems in organizations.

2.  Artificial Intelligence for Network Security: Network Security is now beyond installing a software that does network intrusion detection because of how sophisticated the network intruders have become. The time it takes for the vulnerability to be detected is enough for the exploit author to bring down a large network of organizations and steal all there digital information which will be used to cause further damages.

Trends: Artificial intelligence tools like Symantec’s Targeted attack analytics, Darktrace Antigena, IBM QRadar Advisor will be your best bet for cybersecurity.

3. Cloud Security will be an Issue: Even though mistakes have been made and patches applied to such mistakes, the damages done might linger for a longer period, an example is the leaked United Nations Trello Board which could have been protected with proper configuration or a forced security practice. Most big organization in Nigeria now use the software as a service because of its ease of use and the cost they can cut but are not well versed in its possible consequences.

Trends: More cloud security measures will be deployed, but its potency will be weakened by the configuration of the users of such platforms

4. Backups are not 100%:  Most individuals/organizations in Nigeria backup their data without verifying the files they backed up or running drills on how this backup files will help them recover from a possible future data loss.

Trends: There will be a need for verifiable backups to be saving factor at the event of a data loss.

5. Physical and Cybersecurity will Merge: The best of cybersecurity can be intruded by a man on the inside attack, that is why the level of physical security should be as good as that of the cybersecurity. Cybersecurity in Nigeria should not be taken lightly as all our day to day transactions are done online. With the use of Physical Access Control, Automated Visitor Management Systems, IP Surveillance, Video Surveillance, and Security Officers the chances of an attack is reduced to a very low percentage,

Trends: More Sophisticated devices will be developed that can bridge the gap between physical security and cybersecurity

For further request or inquiries on security trends to watch in 2019, Call +2348022306494 or forward a mail to contact@trivestgroup.com. We will be glad to help you achieve a security level for 2019.


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