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should your security camera have audio
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Should Your Security Camera Have Audio?

For homes that have doorbells, you don’t need to knock heavily on the door before you receive a response. The push of a button will do that. In addition to doorbells, security cameras that have audio capability aid communication without compromising your safety by opening your gate or doors.

Why it is beneficial for your security cameras to have audio

An audio feature on your camera doorbell, indoor security camera, or outdoor security camera is greatly beneficial as it increases your safety by scaring off intruders that may want to gain access to your property. It could also be a means of communicating with those inside the property when you are monitoring the surroundings remotely.

Audio-enabled security cameras usually let you talk to and hear those on the other side, and some cameras allow pre-recorded messages to ward off intruders. A camera alone may not be enough to keep intruders away, especially if their faces are covered, however, chances of your property being left alone even without your physical presence increases. When a voice is heard with someone saying words like, “Leave immediately, you are trespassing,” or, “I’ve called the police and they’ll be there soon.”

How to know if your security camera has audio

  • Search online

Usually, you should know if your camera has an audio feature by checking the accompanying guide when purchasing one. However, if you’re unable to get a hold of it, you can simply search online with the model number, camera name, and brand. Their website should have useful information.

  • Check the recording

When you access the footage, you should be able to hear people talking or just background noises if it has an audio feature and is enabled to record.

  • Search the camera

If you check the camera, you should be able to spot a microphone or audio iris in the middle of the camera.

  • Chat with a representative

This is a sure way to find out without any hassles. Simply talk to a representative of the brand you purchased from and you’ll get all the information that you need.

So, to answer the question ‘should your security camera have audio?’ Yes, it should, to reduce the possibility of having your property vandalized or broken into and also to help you ward off intruders, although it is not compulsory. Security cameras with audio can still do a fine job.

Some security cameras with good audi quality are Vivotek IP8160, Vivotek IP8160-W, Vivotek TB9330-E

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Should Your Security Camera Have Audio?
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Should Your Security Camera Have Audio?
In addition to doorbells, security cameras that have audio capability aid communication without compromising your safety at any time.
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Trivest Technologies
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