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Why Home Automation and Smart Home Systems?

We live in a digital world. It’s not even a theory or myth anymore. It’s common knowledge that digital technology drives almost every activity in the world today. Thanks to the ubiquity of mobile phones, there’s more to come than we can ever imagine. It’s the golden age of smartphones, smart cars, smart devices, and smart homes. But, what exactly is a smart home?

What is Home Automation/Smart Home?

Essentially, smart home or home automation technology generally refers to a set of appliances, devices, gadgets, or systems connected to a common network to allow one-way and centered access. This means that devices connected in a smart home can be independently and remotely controlled from your smartphone or through a mobile touch screen device. Hence, connecting your home devices such as lights, thermostats, TVs, audio speakers, locks, security cameras, and appliances to a central control system is referred to as automating your home.

Some might see home automation as a cool way to keep up with the trends. However, it’s much more than just buying the hype. It has a lot of practical advantages, especially for homeowners. So, let’s discuss some great advantages of smart home technology.

Energy Efficiency

Smart home technology lets you make your space more energy-efficient. With home automation technology, you can easily control numerous gadgets or appliances via a one-touch button or smartphone app. Not just that, there are intelligent devices like (thermostats, shades, and lights) which learn your schedule and preferences, and then suggest the best energy-efficient settings for your home. This does not only make you more efficient but also helps to conserve never have to worry about wasting electricity, especially when you are away from home.

Comfort and Convenience

Smart homes make domestic life more comfortable, fun, and convenient. Since your home gadgets are connected to a central interface, that means you can perform various domestic functions from a spot. All you’ll probably have to do is learn how to use the smart home app on your smartphone or tablet, and open yourself up to a world of immense possibilities. Far or near, regardless of your location, you can turn on lights, heat or cool the home, draw the shades, and monitor home security.


In the wake of increased burglary and vandalism, home automation allows you to make your home more secure and protected from intrusion. With home automation technology, you can boost your territorial security by incorporating security and surveillance features in the network. Think motion detectors, fire alarms, surveillance cameras, and other security gadgets. Whether you’re home or far away, you can monitor activities in and around your home in real-time.


Another huge perk of home automation is its flexibility. It allows you to add new devices and appliances and other technology as you like. There will always be newer and more improved models of gadgets and appliances as time goes on, so you can upgrade your suite of devices by replacing older ones to fit your domestic needs.

For all your inquiries and installations for Smart Automation Systems in Nigeria & Ghana, Contact Trivest Technologies by forwarding a mail to contact@trivestgroup.com or call +2348022306494.

Why Home Automation and Smart Home Systems?
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Why Home Automation and Smart Home Systems?
Smart home automation technology generally refers to a set of appliances, devices, and systems connected to a common network to allow centered access.
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Trivest Technologies
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