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Cyber Attacks And Steps to Preventing Them

Cyber attacks happen almost every day, this should be a wake-up call for us to safeguard our data and information, recently the Metro Bank of United Kingdom was targeted by high profile hackers who were able to exploit the signaling method (Signaling System 7) used by telecommunication companies to route their messages and calls. The hack involved intercepting the verification code otherwise known as OTP (One Time Password) sent to the bank customers when they initiate a transaction, though it was quickly discovered, some of the bank accounts were already emptied and the funds stolen untraceable.

The need for Cybersecurity in Nigeria cannot be overemphasized, as we have lots and lots of application ranging from e-commerce to banking, which have inadequate security measures in place. According to the Kaspersky Lab, the average annual cost of cyber attacks to small and medium-sized businesses was over $200,000 in 2014, this is to show small businesses are at risk if big companies decide to invest in their own cybersecurity.

In securing your business from Cyberattacks, there are few steps you have to take to ensure you are safe from exploits of hackers;

  1. Configure a firewall for your internet connection and use VPN connections if you initiate remote connections to your office.
  2. Carry out a risk assessment with the help of security experts at least twice in a year.
  3. Limit access to your Local Area and Wireless Networks with the use of passwords and MAC binding.
  4. Use extremely strong passwords and change them often.
  5. Backup important information and data on secure remote locations regularly.
  6. Always install software updates to patch the security issues on such software.
  7. Limit access to your server rooms and computers with the use of physical access control.
  8. Shutdown unused servers and computers after work hours
  9. Train your employees on cybersecurity especially the dos and donts online.
  10. Install and use the right antivirus/antimalware programs for your computer systems.
  11. Contract the job of securing your business to a cybersecurity company.

Cyber attacks can cause businesses to lose lots of capital, which could later lead to the business folding up or running into bankruptcy, with the use of digital currencies, it is much easier to steal online and get away with it easily as they are hard to trace. The best option business owners and companies have, is to prevent such attacks from ever happening.

Trivestgroup is a Nigerian Security Company specialized in cyber security solutions and tools with high standards. Contact trivestgroup on +234-802-230-6494 or forward a mail to contact@trivestgroup.com for your security risk assessment today.

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