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tips for maintaining video surveillance system
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Effective Tips For Maintaining Your Video Surveillance System

Video surveillance systems are important security hardware and costly investment. To ensure your video surveillance system performs optimally at all times, scheduling and performing regular maintenance is necessary. This will help you to get the best performance out of your video surveillance system and protect your investment for a long time.

We’ve outlined 5 important tips to keep your video surveillance system working in good shape for longer.

Clean Camera Lenses

Carefully inspect all of your security camera lenses. Check for undesirable elements such as smudges, water spots, mud, dirt, and dust on the camera lenses. The presence of this dirt and debris on your security camera lenses inhibits image clarity, even if your surveillance system has high-resolution cameras. To ensure you get high-quality footage at all times, it’s best to clean your camera lenses thoroughly and regularly. Blow air gently at the lens to remove loose particles and debris, then use a microfiber cloth to wipe off the camera lenses to avoid scratches.

Inspect and Prune Landscape

It’s also important that your surveillance cameras have an unobstructed view at all times. Hence, the surrounding environment must be kept under control. Bushes, flowers, vines, and trees should be neatly pruned and clipped regularly so your cameras can have a wider, unhindered range of view at all times. Similarly, remove impediments such as cobwebs, bird nests, and insect nests around your cameras accordingly to avoid obstructions.

Clean DVRs/NVRs

A layer of dust accumulating on your video recorders may negatively affect their performance. It’s a good idea to dust this equipment lightly from time to time. You don’t have to remove the enclosure of your DVR/NVR by yourself, cleaning the outside surfaces will suffice. Simply wipe the equipment with a soft microfiber cloth. To remove dust collecting inside the NVR/DVR, gently blow the equipment with compressed air in a can.

Check Power Supplies

It’s important to check that your cameras are still appropriately connected to the power source. Video surveillance systems can lose power due to brownout, deliberate tampering, thunderstorm, blackout, power surge, or some other mishap. If your video surveillance system has a power backup such as a UPS, look carefully for indicator lights on the UPS to ascertain the battery level. You can also use a voltmeter to confirm if your video surveillance system is getting optimal power supply for maximum performance.

Inspect Cabling

Most of the time, security cameras stop working due to faulty, disconnected, or broken cables. That’s why a careful routine inspection of your video surveillance system’s cabling is necessary.

Check all of your cable connections one-by-one, including the cables connected to surveillance cameras, DVR, or NVR. Confirm that all these cables are securely connected and that every piece of equipment receives full power. Replace old, worn-out, cracked, or broken cables with new, functional ones. It’s also a great idea to create a U-shaped drip loop for your cables to prevent water from accumulating and penetrating your video surveillance systems.

Broken or rusted parts of the video surveillance system should also be replaced quickly to prevent outages/blackouts. Ensure to only buy parts and accessories directly from manufacturers or authorized dealers to prevent incompatibility and malfunction.

For your video surveillance maintenance and routine checks, contact Trivest Technologies on +234-802-230-6494 or forward a mail to contact@trivest-group.com for all your security system needs today.

Effective Tips For Maintaining Your Video Surveillance System
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Effective Tips For Maintaining Your Video Surveillance System
To ensure your video surveillance system performs optimally at all times, scheduling and performing regular maintenance is necessary.
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Trivest Technologies
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