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Types Of Home Security Systems in Nigeria

In this post, we will discuss four broad types of home security systems in Nigeria, but first lets breakdown what home security system is.

A home security system is simply a device or interconnected device deployed to safeguard a home against robbers, vandals, burglars, and other potential hazards. Essentially, a home security system works by securing all the entry points of your home through a command center or interconnected sensors that interface with a control panel. Such sensors are commonly placed in areas that lead to and from a house like doors and accessible windows, especially those at the ground level. The open spaces of your home can be also secured using motion sensors.

Wired Home Security Systems

Known for their reliability, consistency, and maintainability, wired home security systems are hardwired alarm systems. Since they don’t depend on sensors communicating with radio frequency, they are more reliable connections and less prone to hacking than wireless systems. Also, wired home security systems are better for big homes since they can accommodate more sensors than wireless systems.

However, wired systems in Nigeria are more expensive to install and very difficult to uninstall. They can also be easily disarm from the main control panel by simply cutting off the wiring.

Monitored Security Systems

Known as one of the most popular home security systems around the world, the monitored system works by alerting a security team, call center, or emergency responders whenever it detects a fire, robbery, or any other emergency. There are two types of monitored security systems:  the company-monitored security system and self-monitored security systems.

Self-monitored security systems can be monitored, managed, and controlled by the owner. These systems include door sensors, motion sensors, security cameras, and most of them come with mobile applications that allow remote surveillance through phones and other mobile devices.

On the other hand, company-monitored security systems are controlled and managed by professional security organizations. They often include motion detectors, door sensors, glass-break sensors, cameras, loud sirens, and silent alarms. Most company-monitored security systems are configured to alert their respective contact centers in the event of a break-in.

Unmonitored Security Systems

More cost-effective and cheaper compared to monitored security systems, an unmonitored security systems work by setting off a very loud siren on your property when the alarm is triggered. This kind of security system includes a control panel, motion sensors, glass-break sensors, door and window sensors, sirens, and smoke detectors. Some unmonitored systems are also mobile-compatible and can be tracked remotely.

Wireless Security Alarm Systems

Similar to a wired security system in terms of components, a wireless security alarm system’s major difference is that it excludes wiring. The components of wireless security systems usually include detectors, sensors, cameras, alarms, and the main control panel. They detect unusual changes in the security status of the home and alert the homeowners of potential break-in or danger through the use of alarm systems, sirens, flashing lights, etc. They can also be connected to a monitoring company so they can intervene with a rescue team or local police.

Wireless security systems are easy to install and uninstall and can be remotely accessed and controlled. Similarly, they are easy to upgrade and relatively more difficult for a burglar to disable since they aren’t hard-wired. However, they can be quite vulnerable to interference and usually require batteries to work.

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Types Of Home Security Systems in Nigeria
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Types Of Home Security Systems in Nigeria
A home security system is simply a device or interconnected device deployed to safeguard a home against robbers, and other potential hazards
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Trivest Technologies
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