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What To Look For When Choosing a Video Surveillance System In Nigeria

A good video surveillance system is an indispensable resource for almost any business or home in Nigeria, it boosts facility security and also protects personal and corporate assets. Like every other technology, surveillance systems in Nigeria have also evolved over the years from analog security cameras into internet-based mini computers, with amazing features like automatic mobile notifications, video analytics or even automatically contacting law enforcement. Today, video surveillance systems also offer the local and cloud-based storage of recordings, thereby allowing easy access to past footages.

When considering choosing or buying a new video surveillance system for your business, there are several options and products available in Nigeria. Hence, it is recommended that you look for devices that suit your needs. So, what are the major features to look for when choosing a video surveillance system for your facility? Let’s consider some.

Image Resolution and Frame Rate

This is one of the most important features to look at, when selecting a surveillance camera. You don’t want to go for cameras that produce blurry or grainy images, hence you need a camera with a minimum of 1080p high definition – an IP camera. Another key feature to consider before deciding on the purchase of a surveillance camera is the frame rate, which determines the smoothness of the video. The lower the frame rate, the less frequently a still image is taken, resulting in choppier footage.

Camera Model or Type

There are various types of security cameras in Nigeria today, such as bullet cameras, dome cameras, and pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras, which offer a remote-controlled adjustable field of vision. Also, some security cameras are designed for indoor use and won’t withstand exposure to the elements, unlike their outdoor counterparts. Therefore, ensure you opt for weatherproof models if they are for outdoor applications because of the harsh weather we experience in Nigeria.

Storage Capacity

This is an important feature to consider when choosing video recorders. You need to know the storage capacity you will need for your video surveillance system. This is often determined by several factors, such as the number of cameras in the system, the resolution of each camera, the amount and size of archived videos you intend to store, and how long you plan to store the recorded footage. Having many cameras recording in high resolution means the storage space will be used up quicker.

Camera Compatibility

Not every video recorder is compatible with every camera. Traditionally, Network Video Recorders require IP cameras while Digital Video Recorders use analog cameras. However, some NVR systems, only work with IP cameras from certain manufacturers. So, when purchasing a video recorder, ensure that the device is compatible with the other cameras you’ve bought.


Some security cameras work in low light with the help of the “low-light infrared”, and therefore can capture clear footage in the dark. These cameras have infrared LEDs, which enable them to record darkened areas as if the recording in an illuminated room. On the other hand, some security cameras do not have this feature. Hence, you need to go for cameras infrared LEDs if capturing footage in the dark is a priority for you.

Other important features to look for when choosing video surveillance systems are the availability of audio recording options, cloud storage, and compression techniques of the video recorder. These factors ultimately determine how efficient your surveillance system works and the kind of output it gives.

Trivest Technologies is Nigeria’s leading security systems company, we offer a reliable brand of wireless video surveillance system called Beep VU. The Beep VU is a wireless video surveillance kit that provides you with easy installation and configuration, the cameras also come fitted with high definition lenses for crisp and clear images. The Beep VU has a memory size of 1 Terabyte for the storage of videos and images for a longer period of time. The cameras are motion activated and have night vision for clear images at night. Call +2348022306494 or +2347015128199 for your video surveillance installations in Nigeria.

What To Look For When Choosing a Video Surveillance System In Nigeria
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What To Look For When Choosing a Video Surveillance System In Nigeria
A good video surveillance system is an indispensable resource for almost any business in Nigeria, as it boosts facility security and protects corporate assets
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Trivest Technologies
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