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Visitor Management System for Schools in Nigeria
Automated Visitor Management System Physical Access Control

Visitor Management System for Schools in Nigeria

An unfortunate occurrence in Nigeria and a few other countries around the world is the increased amount of attacks on schools which includes shootings, kidnappings, bombings, and everything in between.

Some schools lack the necessary people and equipment needed to monitor the people that gain access to their premises, while most do not have any security equipment in place at all.

A visitor management system helps to keep track of individuals that gain access to and exit school premises. It is the duty of the school to safeguard the students, members of staff, and visitors within the school. It is also important to ensure that visitors are properly screened before they are allowed entry, this begs the need for the installation of visitor management systems to serve this purpose.

To create the safest schools, security solutions vendors tend to come up with products like bullet-proof bags that students could easily use to shield themselves with, and even hardware purchases in the range of millions of naira without actually considering how to determine those that gain access into the school. Having a visitor management system is the first step to increasing the security of schools because all other security systems are rendered ineffective when the perpetrators of these heinous acts get access into the premises of the school.

In addition to a visitor management system, the school’s structure needs to be assessed to determine the loopholes that contribute to lax security and the necessary actions that need to be taken to bolster security.

Below, we will explore the features required of a visitor management system for schools.

  1. It should be able to flag individuals that are considered dangerous (e.g. registered sex offenders and those on campus watch lists).
  2. It should allow you to create comprehensive and specific screening packages for different visitors like contractors and volunteers.
  3. It should be cloud-based to connect the whole school and make it accessible to the right personnel.
  4. To provide an integrated solution, it should be able to integrate with other security systems.
  5. It should have real-time arrest monitoring.
  6. You should be able to integrate it with the school’s student information system.

If your school does not have a visitor management system or if your current system does not have any of the features above, then contact us at Trivest Technology to schedule a meeting to set you up with the best solutions available.

Contact Trivest Technologies on +234-802-230-6494 or forward a mail to contact@trivest-group.com

Visitor Management System for Schools in Nigeria
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Visitor Management System for Schools in Nigeria
Having a visitor management system is the first step to increasing school security. It is a necessary security solution for all schools in Nigeria
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Trivest Technologies
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