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What VPN Can Do For Your Company’s Security

Business communications need to be secure, safe, and private. Corporate data, files, and information shared must be kept free from intrusion to ensure integrity is preserved. However, communicating over the Internet can expose corporate information to data breaches, intruders, and hackers. This is why all companies need a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to ensure the safety and security of their corporate data.
Although many only see VPN as a tool to surf the Internet anonymously, it does more than that. There are many benefits that a company can get using a VPN service, as we will explain later on in this post. But first, let’s tell you about a VPN.

What is a Virtual Private Network (VPN)?

A VPN is an Internet security technology that creates a secure (encrypted) connection between user devices and one or more servers, especially while using a public network. More particularly, a corporate VPN allows organizations to grant their employees and teams access to a secure end-to-end encrypted connection to cloud resources on the company’s internal network. Such resources include internal applications and confidential corporate data.
Furthermore, regardless of employees’ physical location, a business VPN also provides a secure network connection to the employee’s devices. Encrypting your company data secures it and makes it inaccessible for hackers, spies, malware, and competitors.

Corporate VPN vs. Consumer VPN: What are the differences?

While corporate VPNs and consumer VPNs perform similar functions, there are some distinguishing features. On the one hand, business VPNs are designed to protect business privacy and enhance data security against eavesdropping and hacking. On the other hand, consumer VPNs are generally used by individuals to unblock a website or service or to change IP addresses.

Also, business VPNs use a dedicated IP address with a dedicated server and are designed for multiple users. However, IP for consumer VPNs are usually shared with other users and are dynamic, that is, the IP addresses may change every time a user connects to the service.

Benefits of using a Business VPN

Other than the privacy, security, and encryption that business VPNs provide, here are some other added benefits of the technology:

Remote access

Your staff can work from the comfort of their home securely because a VPN service grants them end-to-end encrypted connection regardless of location. This ultimately enhances efficiency, output, and productivity because your employees work in their comfort zones.

Masked IP address

A business VPN masks your original IP address and gives you a temporary IP address instead. That means you need not worry about malicious tracking of your company’s internet and data activities. Therefore, you can transact and exchange sensitive information about your business without worrying about intrusion and hacking.

Enhanced performance

Because they block unwanted traffic, business VPNs also increase system speeds, optimize data transmission rates, and reduces transaction time and corporate expense. This translates to more proficient use of the Internet and the efficient usage of the company’s bandwidth.

In conclusion, boosting your company’s network security and online privacy doesn’t have to look so tedious. With a VPN, you get all of that and much more at your convenience.

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What VPN Can Do For Your Company's Security
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What VPN Can Do For Your Company's Security
VPN for business allows organizations to grant their employees access to a secure end-to-end encrypted connection to cloud resource on the company's network
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Trivest Technologies
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