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What Are Mobile Surveillance Systems
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What Are Mobile Surveillance Systems?

Mobile surveillance systems are not so different from your regular surveillance systems. The major difference is the mobility/portability of mobile surveillance systems. Mobile surveillance systems are basically networked security systems (cameras) that are not in fixed positions and can be moved from one place to another when required. To do this, an AI-enabled mobile security camera with the ability to track activities in its surrounding is normally mounted on a pole and attached to a vehicle that can be repositioned in an area of interest.

Using mobile surveillance to protect your business

When setting up a system to protect your business, you could decide to use security guards alone (24/7), a mobile surveillance system alone, or use them both as complimentary services to each other. However, the use of a mobile surveillance system alone is usually the less expensive option.

When compared to fixed surveillance systems, mobile surveillance systems are more versatile since they don’t need a lot of wiring and anchoring of equipment to a single structure. The effectiveness of a mobile surveillance system is derived from its portability and wireless connection to the internet using Wi-Fi. The surveillance footage recorded is securely transmitted to the cloud instead of being saved to a digital video recorder.

With the portability of a mobile surveillance system, one would think that it could be easily tampered with in such a way that it does not work as intended, but AI-enabled cameras can alert a remote guard if it is tampered with in any way (being moved, going offline or getting damaged) and the situation is assessed immediately.

Features of a mobile surveillance system:

  • Security deterrents: They could come with features like speakers for communication or flashing lights to scare people away.
  • Video analytics: This allows footage to be tagged for easy replay analysis.
  • Alternate power sources: This ensures that they can be used in remote locations that don’t have a power supply and in cases where power is cut off.
  • Remote monitoring: The status of internet-enabled cameras can be monitored to know when repairs and replacements are needed.
  • Compatibility: They are compatible with any digital device as it connects wirelessly and provides you with footage even on your phone or tablet.

Mobile surveillance systems offer a lot of benefits over fixed surveillance systems including fast installation, cost savings, and AI-enabled technology to improve the services it offers. Contact us to get your surveillance system mobile and packed with the latest features.

If you have any inquiries about how mobile surveillance systems work and how they can be beneficial for your home or business, Contact Trivest Technologies on +234-802-230-6494 or forward a mail to contact@trivest-group.com

What Are Mobile Surveillance Systems?
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What Are Mobile Surveillance Systems?
Mobile surveillance systems are not so different from your regular surveillance systems. The major difference is the portability of mobile surveillance systems
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Trivest Technologies
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