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What is a hybrid dvr
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What is a Hybrid DVR

You may already know what a DVR (digital video recorder) is and what an NVR (network video recorder) is, so what’s the deal with a hybrid DVR? Well, a hybrid DVR is simply a digital video recorder that can convert multiple types of analog video inputs like AHD, HD-TVI, CVBS, and HD-CVI to digital video signals and records them to a hard drive for playback, either locally or for remote viewing on the internet. Some models of DVRs support IP security cameras.

For example, a hybrid DVR makes it possible for five cameras that use different technologies (like AHD, HD-TVI, CVBS, and HD-CVI) to be connected to one DVR, and it would all work perfectly without issues.

When it is used in an IP surveillance system, a hybrid DVR can be a plug-in card for a PC or a stand-alone device. Its versatility and compatibility with IP/network cameras and standard analog cameras mean that you get a lot for what you pay for, and upgrading to one of these could save you a lot of money.

Benefits of a Hybrid Digital Video Recorder

Regular digital video recorders only allow the use of one kind of technology while hybrid digital video recorders are compatible with multiple technologies.

With a hybrid digital video recorder, you are not confined to the use of just one type of security camera. You could make use of different cameras from different brands and connect them all to the same hybrid digital video recorder and it would work as expected. In addition, you can use hybrid digital video recorders that allow the use of IP cameras. This is just great because you won’t need to purchase multiple digital video recorders. Just one will do the job.

Your next Digital Video Recorder

When next you are in the market for a digital video recorder, you should consider getting a hybrid digital video recorder, especially if you have multiple security cameras that use different technologies that need to be converted from one format to the other. They come with the options of a varying number of channels such as the 8 channels, 16 channels, and 32 channels, you can pick the one the best suits your need.

Some good hybrid digital video recorders you can look out for are, Hikvision DS-7316HQHI-K4, Hikvision DS-7204HGHI-K1, Hikvision DS-7332HUHI-K4, Hikvision iDS-7208HUHI-M1/S

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