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why use rfid technology
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Why Use RFID Technology

RFID is an acronym that stands for Radio Frequency Identification, it’s a technology that makes use of electromagnetic fields to identify microchips attached to an object. These microchips have electronically stored information, which can be read from meters away. The information stored could be anything, ranging from payment details to health information.

There are two types of RFID microchips, namely active tag and passive tag; The active tag has a local source of power such as a battery, which makes it possible for the active tags to be read from a kilometer away. The passive tag makes use of energy from an RFID reader, which is constantly radiating electromagnetic waves to its surrounding, once the signal reaches a nearby tag in range, the tag’s antenna creates a magnetic field which allows it to be read from a distance, not more than 20 meters.

The RFID technology is used in various industries because of its numerous benefits compared to the cost of implementation.

Here are some benefits of the Radio Frequency Identification technology in business;

Asset Tracking is Easier With RFID

RFID tags can be used to easily locate items in a large room such as a large warehouse by simply reading its frequency, this helps improve inventory management and asset visibility. This is an effective method of curbing missing items or mistakes during manual processes. This will also help improve employee productivity, because they no longer have to perform labor-intensive tasks like scanning individual barcodes, searching for misplaced items and tools.

Improves Security

RFID tags can be used to restrict access to certain areas in your organization, and also keep track of movement within your business premises. This will efficiently mitigate the loss of property due to theft or carelessness as all assets are monitored digitally.

Data Capture Efficiency is Better With RFID

The use of RFID technology makes data capture faster and accurate because the data capture is done without human intervention at every point of contact. The risk of human error which is associated with data logging is completely erased as the technology stores all data digitally by itself and generates a report based on user requests.

Using RFID Saves time

Once an employee or visitor data is captured in the system, they are assigned an RFID tag which can be used for check-ins and check-outs without any delay. They can simply move around with the tags giving them assess and tracking their movements in and out of your business premises.

For your RFID system installations and price inquiries in Nigeria, contact Trivest Technologies today on +234-802-230-6494 or forward a mail to contact@trivestgroup.com.

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