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Why You Need An Automated Visitor Management System

Visitor management is the act of welcoming and processing guests into an establishment, this processing is done with the help of a visitor management system which could either be a log book or a security system built mainly for this purpose. Visitor management is very crucial for establishments as it serves as a major means of security and helps analyze the trends which can be used to improve the system. Automated visitor management system makes it easier and faster for guests to enter your establishment and also enhance their experience as they don’t get a feeling you’re watching their every move. The lack of an effective visitor management system for an establishment is a huge security risk, as it is also a drag in productivity.

If you can answer the following questions, you need not proceed to the reasons;

  • How many times has a particular visitor been within your premises?
  • How many of your visitors forgot to sign out?
  • Are the times recorded for sign in and sign out correct?
  • Which of your employee did your visitor come to see?

If you were not able to answer those questions, here are some important reasons why you need an automated visitor management system;

  1. Automation: For establishments that have a large inflow of guests daily, it can be hard to keep track of who enters or leaves the premises especially if the visitor management is not properly enforced. For traditional visitor management to be strictly enforced, it can be time-consuming and also discouraging to your visitors. With the use of an automated visitor management system, you can eliminate the use of manual logging by collecting the user bio metric details and allowing them to sign in/out with it, which improves productivity and visitor experience. The digital database attached to the system tracks the guests every movement within your organization, as every point of entry within the organization is logged digitally under the guest’s name.
  2. Access Level: With the use of automated visitor management system, you can restrict the movement of guests within your organization, as they are only allowed access at the points registered to their profiles. This will easily curb theft and even entry into highly sensitive areas within your establishment.
  3. Cost: Implementing an automated visitor management system is a one-off cost, which at the long run will benefit the establishment. For establishments that use manual logging to allow paid members into their premises, it makes it easier to track those members that have paid and those that are yet to pay, and also restrict them from entering the establishment without the use of security personnel’s.
  4. Efficiency: Compared to the old fashioned manual logging visitor management, automated visitor management systems are more efficient and they also combine other systems to ensure the maximum level of security within your establishment. Unlike the paper fashion visitor management, the data of visitors cannot be lost as they are digitally stored, which makes it easier to retrieve a guests entry and movements details within your establishment with just a few clicks.
  5. Informative Assessment: With the use of an automated visitor management system, you can easily analyze the trends of visitors within your establishment such as peak hours, most visited offices, the regular visitors which can help improve your visitor management protocol and make the system even more efficient.
  6. Connectivity: Automated visitor management system alerts a staff/person the visitor he/she is waiting for has entered the premises. Which will save both the Staff and the visitors time by reducing waiting unnecessarily.
  7. Flexibility: The system can be configured to meet the client requirements as there are different needs by different organizations with the way they handle their visitors.

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